Fitch The Homeless, Miss the Point

So the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO refuses to sell XL and larger sizes to women because he doesn’t want people who are “not so cool” wearing his clothes. One guy gets the  idea to “show them” and decides to rebrand the clothes by giving away A&F clothes to the homeless, calling the movement “Fitch the Homeless”. The Huffington Post runs a story calling the idea “funny and creative”.

The problem is that both the Huffington Post and the crusading young man with a cause both miss the point.

In attempting to get back at a CEO who denigrates people based on their weight and some perceived ‘cool-factor’, the “Fitch the Homeless” mission decides to denigrate the estate and dignity of the homeless by using their perceived societal unimportance or repulsiveness to “rebrand” (read: sully) the clothing line by giving it to the homeless to wear.

If a guy wants to lead a crusade against a pretentious CEO, that’s his prerogative. Just don’t use human beings with dignity of their own to prove a point. They are not bums to be used as pawns, they are people — often with more perspective than CEOs, the Huffington Post, or irked Gen Xers.


UPDATE: Evidently I’m not alone


One thought on “Fitch The Homeless, Miss the Point

  1. You are absolutely right. And in fact, by focusing on the homeless in this way, this movement is “otherizing” homeless people in a similar way that A&F CEO did to ugly people.

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