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And I Awoke To Find Myself A Paedobaptist

The fact that I became a paedobaptist is not necessarily note-worthy. I’m not some highfalutin Baptist leader who has written and published defenses of credo baptism. Although I did successfully  navigate an MDiv education from a Southern Baptist seminary, the fissure in my stance on baptism had already been brewing before I was handed my diploma (over 2 years ago).

Stonewall Jackson

That being said, because of the little corner of Christendom I am walking out of (a veritable Baptist mecca), I do realize that I’ve got some ‘splaining to do about the shift. Upstanding Baptists don’t just walk away from their faux Jordan river  paintings and oversized indoor dunking pools without hearing a little New Covenant saber rattling . As it should be. Views of the covenant are important and shouldn’t handled with frivolity and shrugs.

However, once the sabers have been rattled, and the evangelical heart of the “baby baptizer” is confirmed, the theological headlocks and exegetical noogies should be put back in their proper context – inter-familial. In other words, there is a time when the workers should admit their squabbling over which tool is the best is subservient to the fact that the field they’re in is white for harvest, and they’ve got some work to do.

So yes, the rumors are true. I am now “one of them.” And as a matter of fact, if our view of Christian unity is correct, I’ve been “one of them” for as long as I’ve known the Lord — and so have many of you. The historic confession that the people of God believe in “one baptism for the forgiveness of sins” is my confession, and all who have been plunged beneath the cleansing blood of Jesus are my brothers. If you’d like to talk more about it, let’s grab coffee or dinner and fellowship about it unto the King. And if you’d like to visit Community Presbyterian with me, let me know. I’ll even buy you a beer if there are no other Baptists around… 😉



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