Blog(ger) Intro

The summer was especially hot that year, and the big yellow hoppers scattered left and right as the boy drew closer to the fence line. “I wonder how these all got here?” the boy said under his breath, as he thoughtfully plucked one of the long deceased hoppers off the fence and held it up to the sultry southern sun. “And something ate its behind off,” he noted, with a detached scientific tone, rivaled only by his already settled Texas drawl.  While the gravel was rough beneath his feet and the Texas sun hot upon his back, his mind was completely captured by the crisp little corpses which laid crucified on the nearby wires.

About that time his afternoon riddle was abruptly solved. The boy looked across the red-dirt gravel road just in time to see a fat grey scissor-tail pluck a yellow hopper out of mid-air. As if the fence was built solely for his use, the rusty-bottomed bird landed atop a strand of wire and — much to the boy’s satisfaction — stabbed that big yellow hopper on a rusted steel barb. “Well, I’ll be!” the boy exclaimed with a sudden mixture of revelation and awe.

Well, that little boy was me.

And in addition to a great many other things I’m doing at this blog, I am operating a rescue mission to find the inquisitive spirit of that little boy and return it to its rightful owner (which, again, is me). Besides that, I hope to use this as an outlet to write — more, better, and yes, mo’ betta — about current events, theology, politics, culture, and randomnity. I want to have fun, stretch myself, think a lot, link a little, and savor Jesus as the beginning and end of it all. Jesus cares about the little and the big things in life — he both created big fat yellow hoppers and sustains them until they get plucked from the sky by sneaky little birds. If he cares about such intricately (and I’ll remind us, beautiful) things as that, how much more so does he care for those who are his? Let’s find the purity of eyes, ears, and hearts that children have — because without which, we can’t see God. And dog-gone-it, let’s enjoy doing it.



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